Ondemand Webinar: SANS Taming and Securing the IoT Infestation in Your Enterprise

Over the course of this 60-minute webinar, two security IT experts -- John Pescatore, SANS Emerging Security Trends Director, and Ty Powers of Great Bay Software -- will walk you through an actionable plan to efficiently shore up your enterprise IoT strategy. Participants will come away with strong understanding and a clear set of next steps... steps that are proven to deliver the visibility and control needed to mitigate IoT risk in companies of all sizes.

Who should watch this ondemand webinar? The webinar is designed for enterprise security and network infrastructure leaders who: 

  • Are serious about driving real IoT security - not just checking a box
  • Work in high-risk industries, such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and retail, among many others...
  • Need to find an alternative to deploying NAC or want to improve their existing NAC
  • Are responsible for security or network infrastructure in a company with as few as 50 employees or in enterprises with 50,000+ employees
  • Report to a CISO/CIO who is increasingly concerned about mitigating IoT risk